Business culture and business communication in Vietnam

The Vietnamese are a tough business people. If you are very patient, you will be successful in your negotiations.

Keep in mind that men and women do not touch each other and do not gesture too intensively. It is considered rude and cruel. Quick translators can facilitate your business correspondence to and from Vietnamese.

Vietnam at NightBusiness opportunities in Vietnam

Vietnam offers business opportunities in many business areas. Manufacturing industry is one of these. The main export goods are oil, clothing, shoes, rice and coffee. At the same time, demand for foreign goods increases by the country’s rapidly growing middle class and rapidly growing industry.

A good translator can offer business translations to and from Vietnamese with the correct terminology for your industry.

Vietnam BusinessBusiness card

When you have a business meeting with a customer from Vietnam, you always share your business card first. When you receive or give a business card, do it with both hands. After that, take a good time and study the business card. It is important to pronounce their names correctly and know their title.

You do this to show respect for the other party. It is also to clearly show that you appreciate the meeting with the customer. Therefore, be sure to always include enough business cards.